Introducing a new Eloctate (chromogenic) Population PK model on WAPPS-Hemo

A new model was developed in order to expand the previous Eloctate chromogenic model along the age continuum.

The new model incorporates data from 413 patients of which the majority was taken from the WAPPS-Hemo database that collects real-world infusions from all over the globe. The new model was derived on patients aged 1 to 76 years and includes fat-free mass and age as descriptors of Eloctate pharmacokinetics. The model is appropriate for use in estimating individual pharmacokinetics on the WAPPS-Hemo platform. The precision on half-life and time to 2% activity estimates where two or three factor concentrate plasma measurements are provided is very high (see figure). 

One of the key goals of WAPPS-Hemo is to collect enough PK data that will allow us to build factor concentrate models with the highest precision possible and that are valid for the greatest number of patients. Thank you to all of the Hemophilia Treatment Centres who are contributing to this goal!

C:\Users\pchelle\Desktop\Documents and reports\Modelling\EloctateCH_2020\Eloctate CH Evaluations and plots\Graphs\Chromogenic Final\LSA.png