myWAPPS – The app is now available for your patients!

We are excited to announce that as of today, myWAPPS, a patient tool based on WAPPS-Hemo, is globally available from the App store and Google Play.

myWAPPS enables patients to view real-time estimates of their factor level at any time, online or offline, based on their individual PK study and their personalized treatment plan prepared by their doctor using the WAPPS-Hemo clinical calculator. myWAPPS needs to be activated on the WAPPS-Hemo website by a healthcare professional. Once activated, patients can record infusions, monitor current factor levels, and view the forecast of their future factor levels.

myWAPPS is currently available in 6 languages, and freely available to all hemophilia treatment centres registered on WAPPS-Hemo. There is no cost associated with downloading or using myWAPPS, and you are welcome to begin activating the app for your patients today. If you would like more information, please visit our website at and view our short video demonstrating the process for activating myWAPPS at

Any feedback or questions are welcome at