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myWAPPS version 2.0 is out

myWAPPS Version 2.0 was just released with the following exciting new features


In the new version of myWAPPS you can enjoy a graphical view of your treatment log; you can also add notes and record events like bleeds or physical activity. Give it a try today!

Export Function

By clicking on the top left icon (box with arrow up) you can export your infusion and note log. You will be prompted to select a time range and indicate who you want to send the log to (you may indicate your own e-mail and send it to yourself if you prefer).

Depending on your phone (apple or android) you will be requested to select your preferred email or messaging program, and the log will be attached as pdf to an outgoing message.

Here is how the PDF appears: you will see the myWAPPS logo, who the log was sent to, the start and end of the period, then the list of infusions and the list of notes (bleeds and other events).

You can use this function, for example, to share your infusions with your doctor or to document your infusions for any possible need (e.g. insurance documentation).

The Interactive Graph

The graph of your PK profile is now interactive. You are now able to drag the circle indicating your current factor level, so you can see the level at any time in the future.

New Languages

Last but not least, myWAPPS now supports 12 languages. This new version sees the addition of Hungarian, Japanese and Russian.

Please let us know any feedback you may have

Kindest regards,