Wapps-Hemo has reached 10,000 patients!

Hello everyone in the WAPPS-Hemo network!

Together, we have accomplished something unimaginable. On November 29, members from the St. James Hospital in Dublin, Ireland submitted a PK request that brings the total number of patients in the WAPPS-Hemo database to 10,000.

What a journey it has been! When we first launched the platform in 2015, we were driven by an urgent and obvious need to do something meaningful for the community. Little did we know that we were embarking on something so special.

Today, we continue to empower patients with the same conviction and enthusiasm, providing them with not only the opportunity for better personalized treatment, but to contribute to the improvement of treatment for all patients living with hemophilia.

Ten thousand patients in the WAPPS-Hemo database is a remarkable feat, and one that we simply could not have achieved without the dedication, commitment and focus each of our members bring to their roles, day after day. So please join me in recognizing and celebrating this tremendous success.

Here is to the next 10,000 patients!


Alfonso Iorio, on behalf of the core WAPPS-Hemo team