WAPPS-Hemo Suite of products. A presentation by Dr. Alfonso Iorio, September 2021

Dr. Alfonso Iorio from McMaster University presents an hour-long webinar introducing the WAPPS-Hemo Suite of products.

After beginning with a brief overview of the role of population pharmacokinetics in the treatment of hemophiliacs, Dr. Iorio walks you through an informative review of the WAPPS platform from a user perspective. He will briefly introduce you to the roles of myWAPPS, the patient-based app, and the myWAPPS Dashboard which is a tool designed to provide a physician oriented view of the information collected in myWAPPS.

By the end of the presentation, you will be ready to use WAPPS-Hemo 5.3 in your ongoing treatment of your hemophilia patients and begin offering the added level of care that only the WAPPS-Hemo Suite can provide.

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