Xyntha/ReFacto Af – Potency conversion

Due to the different labelled potencies of Xyntha and ReFacto AF (1 IU: 1.38 IU), please ensure that you have selected the correct concentrate that your patient has infused with (Xyntha vs. ReFacto AF). WAPPS-Hemo will take into account potency conversion and you do not need to make any adjustments to your measurements.

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Rebinyn/Refixia – Lab test assay recommendations

With the recent availability for WAPPS-Hemo to process Rebinyn/Refixia requests, we recognize that there are recommendations to use certain lab test assays over others. Based on studies by Bowyer et al 2016, ABC et al 2015, … we recommend that FIX:C in Rebinyn/Refixia-containing plasma samples can be most accurately measured with one-stage clotting assays using SynthAFax or DG Synth [to be internally verified], whereas there is no preference with chromogenic assays.

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